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Acting on the radio is challenging, inspiring, delicate and always a privilege.


Whiteout by Ken Follett was published on October 15, 2004.
The audiobook, abridged, is read by David Tennant and has a runtime of 4 hours 23 minutes on 4 CD's.


Synopsis: "Jealousies, distrust, and hidden rivalries uncover dark secrets, then a dozen vials of a deadly virus go missing.

As a blizzard whips out of the north on Christmas Eve, several people converge on a remote family house. Stanley Oxenford, director of a pharmaceutical research company, has everything riding on a drug he is developing to fight a lethal virus. Several others are interested in his success too: his children, at home for Christmas with their offspring, have their eyes on the money he will make; Toni Gallo, head of his security team and recently forced to resign from the police, is betting her career on keeping it safe; an ambitious local television reporter sniffs a story, even if he has to bend the facts to tell it; and a violent trio of thugs are on their way to steal it, with a client already waiting.

As the storm worsens and the group is laid under siege by the elements, the emotional sparks crackle and dark secrets are revealed that threaten to drive Stanley and his family apart for ever."

The Sunday Times - November 7, 2004 - Karen Robinson

"If I were the author of a thriller with a Scottish setting, I would want Tennant to read the audio version. His compellingly attractive voice, with its subtle range of Scottish accents and a gritty edge to crank up the tension, would make almost any book worth listening to.

Not that Whiteout doesn't have the ingredients of a great story: it's Christmas, and, as a wealthy chemist's family assembles in his Scottish country house, the black-sheep son is plotting to break into his lab and steal a killer virus. The lab's head of security is in love with the boss, the son is in league with gangsters -and then the snow starts falling...The denouement unravels rather than tightens, but the first four hours are terrific."

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