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Acting on the radio is challenging, inspiring, delicate and always a privilege.


What Makes Me Happy is a Ragdoll Foundation production, which launched a groundbreaking initiative designed to demonstrate the strength and power that children have when living "against the odds".  Ragdoll is the company behind Rosie and Jim and the Tellietubbies.

The six part programme, which began airing on December 19, 2005 at 9:20am, for 11 minutes each, was also produced in collaberation with the charity Save The Children.

The series of six short films, produced by Annie Gibbs, were broadcast in the UK on Channel Five in 2005.

Each film opened with David Tennant saying, "What makes a girl or boy smile or laugh or jump for joy, what makes you happy?", an excerpt from a poem by Wendy Cope.

Each ended with David saying "Wherever love is found we can make this earth enchanted ground."


From the Ragdoll Foundation Website:

"To give the films honesty and to make the stories as real as possible and as close to the hearts of the communities as possible, we set up workshops in each of the countries. By actively involving a wide group of children within each country to develop the story, we ensure that the films stay true to the children's own experiences and give the children and their communities a stake in the production.

By exploring 'happiness' we create positive energy and ultimately a series of films that have equal status on the broadcast platform. Each film runs approximately 12 minutes with completely diverse and original stories that are both entertaining and informative. There is no need for voice over or sub-titles as each story is easily understood by pictures alone and language is used only as representation of the culture. Target age group is 8 years old."

These are the children and the films featured

Tommy's Film UK (Newcastle Upon Tyne) - Feeling that I am important to one special person makes me feel happy and good about myself.
Ranjita's Film Nepal (Lumle) - Helping to do real work for our parents, because it makes us feel loved.
Junjie's Film China (Hefei City) - Having lots of friends to be with and not just by myself.
Hashi's Film Sri Lanka (Beliwatta) - Having friends, because when you have lost everything then friends are very precious.
Mahmoud's Film Occupied Palestinian Territories (Qalandiya) - Having a place to be by myself, a space just for me.
Amran's Film Ethiopia (Jijiga area) - Being able to sing after we have done our work.

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