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Acting on the radio is challenging, inspiring, delicate and always a privilege.


Tuesdays and Sundays was transmitted as part of BBC Radio 4's Afternoon Play series on June 16, 2003  at 2:15 pm.  The play is 45 minutes long and the authors are Daniel Arnold and Medina Hahn. The production was directed and produced by Sara Benaim.

The authors were inspired by actual events that happened on Prince Edward Island, Canada in 1887.  In their story teenage lovers William Millman and Mary Tuplin, awake in limbo and try to ascertain how they got there. What unravels is a reflective he-said / she-said, told concurrently, as the characters reveal the course of their relationship, from first meeting at a New Year's Eve social to their final dispute.

Since William's and Mary's fates are known from the start, the emphasis isn't on what happens to them but how and why it does.

Arnold and Hahn make their characters' transition, from the youthful exuberance and nerves of first love to its somber, brokenhearted aftermath, affecting and unsettling.

As is often the case, an unplanned pregnancy creates a rift, and fear and miscommunication — frequently the result of family and friends — turn a carefree relationship into an unbearable one." - from

David Tennant as Willam and Clare Yuille as Mary. Clare makes an appearance in episode one of David's series Single Father.

Click here to read about the real story of William and his murder of Mary.

The Observer - June 22, 2003 - Sue Arnold

"Tuesdays and Sundays, the Radio 4 Afternoon Play, opened a small, bleak window on nineteenth-century rural Canada, where a young woman jilted by a faithless lover was doomed. Old theme, new treatment. Magic."

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