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The Wasting was Big Finish audio U.N.I.T number 1.4 and it was recorded at Moat Studios on February 22nd, March 3rd and 10th 2005.  It was released on 1 CD in June 2005 with a combined runtime of 1:13:53.

The story was written by Iain McLaughlin & Claire Bartlett and directed by Nicola Bryant. (Peri, the 5th Doctor's Companion) and the producers were Jason Haigh-Ellery and Ian Farrington.

The music and sound design are by David Darlington and the cover design was by Red Ink.

Synopsis: (from

"A deadly flu-like infection is sweeping the planet. Its first cases appeared in Britain but now millions are infected worldwide and there is no sign of a cure. The emergency services can't cope with what the press have dubbed a plague…
If UNIT is to fight back, it's going to need the services of its missing commander, Colonel Brimmicombe-Wood, and the experience of the Brigadier, who can never refuse when duty calls…"


The Brigadier

Colonel Emily Chaudhry

Colonel Brimmicombe-Wood

Sergeant Willis

Andrea Winnington

Francis Currie


Prime Minister

Corporal McLeish

*appears with David in the Big Finish Audio Sympathy for the Devil.

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