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Acting on the radio is challenging, inspiring, delicate and always a privilege.


The Itch of the Golden Nit premiered in Leicester Square on June 29, 2011.

This animated film is the first of it's kind project, a film for children that has been created entirely created by children. They drew the pictures, created the sound effects and submitted the story ideas.

The vast amount of material was been brought together by The Tate, Aardman and Fallon and the film was created using the latest animation technology.

The film was directed by Aardman’s Sarah Cox and produced by Helen Argo.  Music was composed by John Browne who worked with young British musicians including the National Youth Orchestra, the West Everton Children’s Orchestra, Folkestra and The Young‘uns.

You can click here to read about the NYO recording session.

The project is part of the London 2012 Cultural Olympiad and was made possible through £3million of funding from Legacy Trust UK .

The 30 minute movie was also shown on BBC2 on July 2, 2011 at 9:30am, which was then followed by the Blue Peter special called "How We Itched the Golden Nit" about the making of the film. 

The film and the making of special were shown again the next day on CBBC at 5:15pm and there was another free screening of the film in Trafalgar Square on July 23, 2011.

In addition to the all star cast chosen to voice the films characters there was also a poll done on the website asking children to vote for which celebrities they would like to see play cameo roles of pirates, superheroes, mermaids and planets in the final feature.

The votes ended up choosing cameos by David Tennant, (Radio Newsreader and Stretchy McStretch), Jane Horrocks, David Hockney,, Stacey Solomon, Pixie Lott, and others.

"All have been entertained by the sheer inventiveness of the project.

As David Tennant joked when recording his two cameos: 'Are these kids on drugs?’ "- The Telegraph - June 17, 2011


David's voice, when heard as the newsreader, is through the Dad's car radio so it does not have a drawing. 

This is the drawing of the Stretch McStretch character. (Thanks to David Tennant Visual Filmography)

Click here to read the synopsis.

The 13 children who created the main characterss of the film were invited to the London premier, including the two kids, Fiona and Emma, who drew the Mum and Dad come from the same family of 6 children in Bristol.

They were obsessed with the website, having submitted over 200 drawings between them and their brother Tristan, who also has a cameo character in the film.

Children ages 5-13 submitted tens of thousands of individual uploads to the Tate Movie Project’s online movie studio and drawings were also chosen from the 250 workshops that were sponsored by the Tate.


The Golden Nit

Mum (Julie)

Dad (Bill)

Evil Stella

Mummy Socks

Captain Iron Ears

Narrator/President Pinky

Ten Heart Hero


Planet Jimmy

Stressed Alice




*plays Donna Noble in the Doctor Who episode The Runaway Bride and then appears as the same character throught the entire fourth series.  David also appears in Nan's Christmas Carol with her and in 2011 they appeared together in the highly successful West End stage production of Much Ado About Nothing.

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