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The Infinite Quest was a special animated episode of Doctor Who produced for Totally Doctor Who in 2007.  

Initially the story was broadcast over 12 weeks from April 2 - June 29 lasting three and a half minutes each.

The thirteenth and finale part was broadcast at the end of the "omnibus" edition on June 30, 2007, and aired on CBBC at 10:30am.

Later that Saturday night the final episode of Series Three, Last of the Time Lords was broadcat on BBC One.

The animation was done by Firestep, the production company had just formed in 2007 and The Infinite Quest was their first major production.

The story was written by Alan Barnes, the director was Gary Russell and the music was written by Doctor Who series composer Murray Gold.

The full 45 minute animated feature was released on DVD on November 5, 2007. It included behind the scenes interviews with the cast.  The US release date was November 18, 2008.

This was the first time that a full length Doctor Who episode was released in America on DVD without ever having been broadcast there.

Synopsis: The Doctor and Martha must find the legendary lost starship, the Infinite, before the evil Baltazar, scourge of the Galaxy, gets it.


David Tennant - The Doctor
Freema Agyeman* - Martha Jones  
Anthony Head** - Baltazar  
Toby Longworth*** - Caw / Squawk  
Liza Tarbuck  - Captain Kaliko  
Tom Farrelly**** - Swabb  
Lizzie Hopley - Mantasphid Queen  
Paul Clayton+ - Mergrass  
Steve Meo - Pilot Kelvin  (as Steven Meo) 
Barney Harwood++ - Control   
Stephen Greif - Gurney  
Dan Morgan - Locke / Warders


*played Martha Jones in the third and fourth seasons of Doctor Who and she appeared in the second series episode Army of Ghosts as Adeola Oshodi

**played Mr. Finch in the Doctor Who episode School Reunion

***appears in the Big Finish Audio Exile with David

****appears in the film Being Considered

+played Mr. Bartle in the Doctor Who episode Planet of the Ood

++was the host of Totally Doctor Who for both series and interviewed David three times

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