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Acting on the radio is challenging, inspiring, delicate and always a privilege.


The Great Scott was a three part radio series showcasing works of Sir Walter Scott.  The one hour dramatised stories aired on BBC Radio 4 during the Classic Serial slot starting on April 14, 2013 and concluding on April 28, 2013.

David Tennant portrayed the author Walter Scott, who serves as narrator in all three productions.

The series was a Pacificus Production, produced and directed by Clive Brill.

The music for the three plays was composed by Ross Hughes and Esben Tjalve.

The Fair Maid of Perth

The Fair Maid of Perth was broadcast on April 14, 2013 at 3:00 pm.  The story as adapted for radio by Scott Cherry.

Synopsis: "A beautiful glover's daughter is romantically pursued by a warmongering blacksmith, a poetising prince, a hot-headed clansman and a bumbling bonnet-maker in lawless 14th century Scotland.

In Walter Scott's The Fair Maid of Perth, feeble King Robert III is failing to stop his beloved country being torn apart by warring clans and pillaging nobles - chaos reigns supreme. When our heroine, Catharine Glover, suffers heartbreak and tragedy at the hands of the vengeful Earl of March, a terrible dilemma presents itself.

Should she follow the dictates of her heart by marrying the man she loves - or should she obey her father's wish and shun a world of 'hard iron and barbaric cruelties' by betrothing herself to Christ?" - BBC.CO.UK



Morven Christie - Catherine Glover

Hugh Ross - Her Father

Bryan Larkin - Henry Smith

Clive Russell - King Robert

Kenneth Cranham - The Earl of March

Forbes Masson*- Oliver Proudfoot

Callum O'Neil - Conachar

Olivia Morgan - Louise the Minstrel

Richard Hansel - A Citizen

Ruth Wall sings and plays Gaelic Harp

*appears in The Brown Man with David.

Rob Roy

Rob Roy was broadcast on April 21, 2013 at 3:00 pm.  The story as adapted for radio by Robin Brooks.

Synopsis: "Our Rob Roy has dispensed with the Jacobite setting and updates the story to the 20th century. It is 1924 and 20-year-old Frank falls foul of his father. He has spent a year in Paris, supposedly learning the business, but actually hanging out with Imagist poets. When he refuses to join the business his father sends him north to stay with his Uncle - a radical and mixed up in the cause of Irish Nationalism.

Scott's book doesn't really depend on the historical trappings on which the author's reputation now rests. A son being banished by his father because he wants to be a long-haired poet is a perennial situation, as is the love-triangle between Frank, Die Vernon and her wicked cousin Rashleigh.

With this production the listener is asked to regard Scott as a novelist like any other, concerned with the workings of the human heart and how they play out in a society more like ours." - BBC.CO.UK

Listen for David's narrator breaking the fourth wall and actually interacting with the characters in the story.


Paul Ready*- Frank

Denise Gough - Die Vernon

Mark Bonnar** - Rob Roy

Christian Rodska - Quentin/Frank's Father

Joe McFadden - Rashleigh

Michael Eaves - Owen

Stuart McGugan - Uncle Hilary/Vernon/The Post Master

Paul Reid - O'Brien

Callum O'Neill - Dougal/Henry/Cummings

*appears as Will in episode 1.3 of David's series Blackpool

**appears in The Minor Character and also a bit of trivia he took over the role of Joe is season two of The Gobetweenies.


Waverley was broadcast on April 28, 2013 at 3:00 pm.  The story as adapted for radio by Mike Harris.

Synopsis: "

A gripping tale of love, war and divided loyalties with Scotland in open rebellion against the Union with England.

It's 1745 and 21 year old Edward Waverley, a newly commissioned red-coat officer, is posted to Scotland on the eve of Bonnie Prince Charlie's violent bid for power. His father is a rising minister in the ruling Hanoverian state, but the beloved Uncle who brought him up is an old Jacobite, loyal to the exiled Stewart dynasty.

Waverley falls in love with two very different Scottish girls - the cautious, loyalist, lowlander Rose Bradwardine, and the fiery highland rebel Flora. He goes AWOL for Flora just as her brother Fergus is rallying their clan to fight for Charlie.

When Waverley is accused by his Commanding Officer of a treasonable flirtation with the enemy, he joins the uprising in a fit of pique and helps defeat an English army at the battle of Prestonpans.

When he finds out that he has caused the arrest of Uncle, he returns to London to try to clear his name." - BBC.CO.Uk



Rupert Evans - Waverley

Christian Rodska - Gardiner

Alison McKenzie - Flora/ Mrs Bates

Olivia Morgan - Rose

Forbes Masson - Fergus

Mark Bonnar - Evan Dhu

Joe McFadden - Charles Edward Stuart

Robert Hudson - Gilfillin

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