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Acting on the radio is challenging, inspiring, delicate and always a privilege.


Sympathy for the Devil was Big Finish audio Doctor Who Unbound number 2 and it was recorded at Moat Studios on March 24, 2003. It was released on 1 CD in June 2003 with a runtime of 1:13:52.

The story was written by Jonathan Clements and directed by Gary Russell. Gary also directed David in Colditz and Medicinal Purposes. The producers were Jason Haigh-Ellery and John Ainsworth and the music is by Andy Hardwick.

The front cover was designed by Clayton Hickman who also did the front covers for Colditz, Exile and all of the Dalek Empire III series.

Synopsis: (from

"What if...the Doctor had not been UNIT's scientific advisor? 1997… and a lone exile arrives on Earth, years later than planned. On the eve of the Handover, an advanced Chinese stealth bomber crashes in the hills above Hong Kong. The discredited UNIT has just 24 hours to steal the technology, rescue the passenger and flee to international waters.

John Ainsworth, Jonathan Clements, David Tennant, David  Warner, Liz Sutherland, Nicholas Courtney, Trevor Littledale, Mark Wright


Nicholas Courtney, David Warner,
David Tennant

Excerpt From Benjamin Cook interview with Jonathan Clements-

"David Tennant, as the Colonel, was the "fourth star", in that he was a counterpart to the Brigadier in the way that the Master was a counterpart to the doctor.

He actually managed to scare his squaddies. The studio was supposedly soundproof, but you could still hear him yelling at them from the green room. They would always come out of the studio standing up straighter."

Click here to read the complete interview.


The Doctor

Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart

Colonel Brimmicombe-Wood

The Master (Ke Le)

Ling/Girl In Street/Pub Customer

The Abbott

Marcus/Private Jacobs

Captain Zerdin


Bouncer/Pilot/Monk/Tannoy Voice/Bomb Control


Pub Customer

*voiced the character Lord Azlok in the Doctor Who animated film Dreamland.

**Mark Gatiss and David Tennant have worked together many times, starting in 2000 when they both appeared in the first episode of 'Randall and Hopkirk(Deceased)' called Drop Dead and they shared the big screen together in Bright Young Things in 2003. 

They were in the Doctor Who episode The Lazarus Experiment together. 

They also both voiced Scottish hunters in Free Jimmy and if that wasn't enough Mark also wrote the Doctor Who episode 'Idiot's Lantern'.

David also did a guest spot in Mark's Nebulous radio series appearing as Dr. Beep.

Originally Mark was listed in the credits as Sam Kisgart (an anagram of his name)

***adapted The Adventures of Luther Arkwright

Jonathan Clements: "I asked not to be credited, but I actually play a dozen parts in Sympathy.

When you hear the death rattle of Ke Le (i.e. the death of the Delgado Master), that's actually me.

I'm also the Chinese pilot, the Cantonese night-club bouncer, the lead chanter for the monks, one of the squaddies and a Man in the Pub. Plus a few other things."

"Sympathy for the Devil has some standout performances, not only from David Warner as the Doctor but from Nicolas Courtney reprising his role as the Brig and having more fun with it than he ever had before going by his performance.

David Tennant
turns up giving an outstanding turn as a UNIT commanding officer and Mark Gatiss clocks in as a Gallifreyan."

- Alasdair Shaw from an article on called An Infinite Number of Doctors - June 9, 2012

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