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David Tennant records audio edition of My Sister Lives on the Mantelpiece
We are very excited to reveal that Annabel Pitcher’s striking debut My Sister Lives on the Mantelpiece is currently being recorded as an audiobook by actor David Tennant.  Pandora White, Audio Publisher at Orion is equally delighted, saying “David Tennant agreeing to read Annabel’s book is a huge endorsement to her unique and talented writing." - Helen M. Jerome 

'I apologise right now. For those new to the audiobook experience, I am afraid that this is precisely the kind of story that will get you hopelessly addicted. Hook, line and sinker. ... David Tennant is simply perfect at conveying Jamie's innocence, sadness and joy...And in Annabel Pitcher, it seems we have a major new literary talent.'

Time Out - London

'It's instantly clear why David Tennant made to time to record Annabel Pitcher's debut ... You can hear Tennant's respect for Pitcher's writing, which conveys a boy's budding emotional antennae and irreducible vivacity in ever sentence.'

The Observer - April 24, 2011 - Rachel Redford

"David Tennant felt he had to record this book, and no wonder - it's brilliant for both adults and older children. The story is told by 10-year-old Jamie, now the same age as his sister Rose when she was blown up by a terrorist bomb five years previously. Now Dad's drinking heavily, Mum's abandoned the wrecked family and Jamie is being bullied in his new school in the Lake District where the family is attempting a fresh start. Intensely moving, starkly real and ultimately heartening."

The Express - April 22, 2011 - Kati Nicholl

"My Sister Lives on the Mantelpiece by Annabel Pitcher  is, quite simply, stunning. . . One of the most compelling listens ever, beautifully read by David Tennant, who said: I couldn't put this down, I had to record the book. Meant for children of 10 and over this is one any adult will love and weep over too."

The Independent - July 24, 2011 - Sue Gaisford

"It's a funny, sad, remarkably uplifting story and David Tennant reads it superbly."

The Independent - August 29,2011 - Samuel Muston

Named My Sister Lives on the Mantelpiece as one of the 10 best Audiobooks of the year: "David Tennant's narration brings Annabel Pitcher's story to life."

Armadillo Children's Book Reviews - Louise Ellis-Barrett

"On five unabridged CDs this is the audio version of the novel in full, heard as it deserves to be, read by a talented actor who is quoted on the cover as being unable to put the book down and realising that as a result he just "had to record" it. 

Lucky for us, the listeners that he did too.  

Tennant may be an actor and trained in the art of performing but the way in which he tells this story makes it impossible to stop and when you have to change CDs there is certainly no hesitation. The emotion is palpable, feelings perhaps even more intense than when reading the story. 

As the listener we know that this is a work of fiction yet as we are drawn into the story it becomes very real, sometimes this is hard to bear but then a moment of heartwarming love and understanding lifts the tension and makes you smile, at least inwardly.

So if you loved the book, even if you had mixed feelings about it, or have yet to tackle it, I urge you not to miss this chance to listen to it too."

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