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Acting on the radio is challenging, inspiring, delicate and always a privilege.


The Rotters Club was transmitted on four successive Wednesday's BBC Radio 4 at 11:30 am. Each part is 30 minutes long and the series was based on Jonathan Coe's novel. 

It was adapted for the radio by Simon Littlefield and the producer was Lucy Armitage.  Original music composed by Louis Philippe and performed by Louis Philippe and Jonathan Coe.

1. The Chick and the Hairy Guy - October 29, 2003

2. The Very Maws of Doom - November 5, 2003

3. Bring Me Sunshine - November 12, 2003

4. Paradise Place - November 19, 2003


Radio Choice in The Independent on Sunday - October 26, 2003 - Jenny Gilbert

Radio Choice - The Times - October 25, 2003 - Chris Campling

The Guardian - October 25, 2003 - WH

"Jonathan Coe's The Rotters' Club is a novel that succeeds in representing two interlinked worlds: that of teenage pretensions in the 1970s and the collapse of society during that time, when Britain experienced the three-day week and the winter of discontent."


Bill Anderton/Malcolm/Fudge

Ben Trotter

Sam Trotter

Barbara Trotter

Mr. Plumb

Doug Anderton

Paul Trotter

Lois Trotter/Miriam Newman

Claire Newman

Irene Anderton/Waitress

Jacko/Slater/Roll-up Peg


Steve Richards

*appears in the 'Midnight' episode of Doctor Who and he is also the son of Patrick Troughton, the 2nd Doctor. He also appears in the Arkangel Shakespeare recording of Henry VI Part II and Part III as Richard Plantagenet and Richard of Gloucester, respectively.

**co-starred with David in the ITV series Broadchurch

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