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Acting on the radio is challenging, inspiring, delicate and always a privilege.


Robert Louis Stevenson A Biography by Claire Harman  was broadcast as the Book of the Week from March 21st - 25th, 2005 on BBC Radio 4 and each excerpt was apprx. 15 minutes long.

Robert Louis Stevenson A Biography was published by Harper Collins in the UK and the US, where it was titled Myself and the Other Fellow. The book was shortlisted for the Saltire Award in 2005 and was a Waterstone's Book of the Month.

Read in five parts by David Tennant the program was produced by Clive Brill* and adapted for radio by Polly Coles. It was a Pacificus production.

Childhood - March 21 - 13:57: As a boy Stevenson was often confined to bed with mystery illnesses.  But this fueled his imagination and fantasies, spurred on by his Calvinist nanny who thought melodramas and the theatre in particular were the work of the devil.

Fanny Osbourne - March 22 - 13:59: Stevenson met his future American wife in an artist's colony in France.  Within days he was hooked by her tales of the wild west and so began his dogged pursuit of her across the length and breadth of the states.

Jekyll and Hyde - March 23 - 14:00: One of the most famous stories in the world came to Stevenson in a dream.  The first draft was thrown into the fire but within ten weeks he acquired international fame.

Fame - March 24 - 13:54: After the death of his father, Stevenson moved to the states for health reasons.  Accompanied by his mother and an extended family he was soon to discover what becoming a celebrity entailed.

Samoa - March 25 - 13:59: Almost on a whim, Stevenson decided to go on an extended yachting cruise to the South Pacific.  The longer he was at sea the happier and healthier he became before finally settling in Samoa - his final home.

*Clive Brill, spent seven years producing drama for BBC radio and in 1990 he became head of Development for BBC TV Series. He formed Pacificus Productions and took on the "Shakespearean" task in 1996 of directing the entire Arkangel Shakespeare Series, in which David appears in nine plays.

In addition Clive has directed David in The Order of Release, The Island, Murder in Samarkand, The Purple Land, the two part Afternoon Play series Stevenson in Love and in the staged reading of Edward III at The Globe.

Other Pacificus Productions David has appeared in include the 2011 Book at Bedtime series Night of the Vampire 2, the radio plays A Quick Change, Love Virtually, Every Seventh Wave, which was also directed by Clive, and the Richard Wilson Radio 4 series Believe It!.

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