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Stephen Mangan will be the voice of Postman Pat.

The movie will also feature the star talents of Jim Broadbent, David Tennant and Rupert Grint, all of whom have appeared in the Harry Potter films.

Postman Pat: The Movie - You Know You're The One will be released in 3D on May 23, 2014 instead of November 27, 2013 as originally announced.

To celebrate 30 years as UK children's favourite postman, Pat will be moving from the small screen to the big screen! 

The plot will see him lured away from his village of Greendale by the chance to find fame on a national talent show where he will face a moral crisis as he comes face-to-face with the temptations of money, status and a shiny new suit.

The original show started broadcasting on September 16, 1981 as a stop-motion animated series, the film however will be CGI and 3D!

The series has been shown in 60 countries around the world including the US and China, but it has not yet been announced if the film will get an international release. However, Timeless Films is selling the film worldwide and Icon Film Distribution has picked up the rights in the UK and Ireland.

The film's director will be Mike Disa, who started his career animating for Disney before going on to direct Hoodwinked Too.

The film will be a collaboration between Classic Media and Rubicon Group Holding, with producers from each company.  Classic Media's Ceri Barnes and Bluhm and RGH's Robert Anich and Miles Horst.

The screenplay is co-written by Kim Full and Annika Bluhm, longtime producer of the "Postman Pat" TV show.  Production started in September 2011 with a projected release sometime in the spring of 2013. (Now pushed to 2014)

Executive Producer David Corbett was quoted in Variety as saying: 

"The timeless 'Postman Pat' franchise with its signature stop-motion animation is perfectly suited to evolve into a three-dimensional world through the use of the latest 3D technology. I look forward to working with our talented teams in Los Angeles, Amman and Manila to create an entertaining and memorable 'Postman Pat' movie experience for children and parents alike.

“I have sort of the same hair but he has a ginger mullet I must point out. I watched a few episodes of the TV series but it’s my own interpretation of Pat. There are new characters and Jess the Cat looks great. She might even get her own spin-off.” - Stephen Mangan speaking in the Express on February 9, 2013.

"They didn't use my voice - Ronan Keating is the voice, so Pat sings in an Irish accent.

"I did offer to sing and they pretended they didn't hear me ask the question. I think I had a whole musical career, possibly, I could have embarked on, but cruelly cut short by the producers."

Of how he prepared for the role, he quipped: "I privatised my family business. I only
open for business ten minutes a day!

"No, what did I do? I watched a lot of Postman Pat. I couldn't just turn up and do it as a Geordie or Welshman or something."

Mangan added: "I think children would be sitting there with their mouths open in
horror if Pat sounded radically different from what he normally does.

"It's sort of half me, half the way he normally sounds. Hopefully I'm close enough not to upset the kids.

"I watched a couple of each one. I wanted to do my own Pat. I don't want to be a
slave to the past!

"I reimagined him for the 21st century... I do actually play two characters in it - there's a robot version of Pat, so I play that as well. " - Digital Spy - By Mayer Nissim - January 31, 2014

On December 5, 2013 announced that Ronan Keating from Boyzone will be the singing voice of Pat and NOT Gary Barlow as previously stated

On October 13, 2012 on Digital Spy. That same press release mentions that Kate Winslet will voice Sara Postman Pat's wife, which also proved to be incorrect as Sara will be voiced by Susan Duerden.

"It's been a true honour to help bring Postman Pat's singing voice to life. I grew up watching Pat and all the great characters... so I can't wait to take my kids along to see them all on the big screen." - Keating


During a royal visit to Jordan Prince Charles was shown a scene from the upcoming 3D film and was giving a model of himself with Postman Pat and Jessie with the Jordanian flag in the background.

The Jordanian firm Rubicon is making the film in partnership with the Hollywood studio Dreamworks.

The Prince watched with fascination as animator Mahmoud Hindawi, used an electronic pen to draw and paint a picture of Pat as part of the pre-production process before the images are converted into 3D graphics.  - Gordon Rayner - The Telegraph - March 12, 2013

The head of Rubicon, Randa Ayoubi, was interviewed by The Telegraph on June 18, 2012 and said she was hoping that animating "the famous English postman will be able to deliver plenty of new markets for the business in Europe."

“We’re taking intellectual property that’s known and highly regarded and taking that character into the 21st century. We’ve done it with Pink Panther in the States," she said.

“Postman Pat is popular throughout the world, my kids were raised on it. The only place that will be challenging [for Postman Pat] will be the US, but we’ll try to take it there, too.”

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