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Acting on the radio is challenging, inspiring, delicate and always a privilege.


Polar Bear: Spy on The Ice was an hour long documentary broadcast on December 29, 2010 on BBC One at 8:00 pm narrated by David Tennant

The series was produced by John Downer Productions, the company also produced Swarm, Earthflight and Penguins - Spy in the Huddle, that were also narrated by David

Directed by innovative wildlife filmmaker John Downer and produced by Philip Dalton, who also produced Swarm.

The film was a John Downer production for BBC and Animal Planet.  The US version was not narrated by David.

The US broadcast was missing David's great Scottish tones however, Novello Nelson had the privilege of narrating.

The Blizzardcam was rigged with propellers, allowing it to reach speeds of 37 mph.

Three kinds of cameras were used to follow two mother polar bears and their cubs on their journey to the seal feeding grounds in Arctic Norway. 

There was a Snowcam, disguised as a lump of snow, which was equipped with four-wheel drive and tundra wheels to get across land and ice.

Icebergcam was thoroughly waterproofed to maneuver between sheets of ice and under water to capture the polar bears swimming under the ice.

Recording 1

This bear objected to life in the spotlight and destroyed the $200,000 camera with it's paw!

July 7, 2011 BBC Worldwide released the series on DVD for Region 4 (Australia/New Zealand) with a runtime of 100 minutes.

In December of 2011 the Australian library blog Book Coasters recommended this DVD wholeheartedly. 

Even if wildlife documentaries are not your usual thing, if you are at all interested in techie gadgetry you really should watch this to see the clever covert devices – blizzardcam, snowballcam, icebergcam, etc – which manage to capture novel footage of these huge predators – although the very curious bears don’t let the hidden cameras have it all their own way.

Oh, and it’s narrated by David Tennant – which I mention only because some may find him very… easy to listen to.

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