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Acting on the radio is challenging, inspiring, delicate and always a privilege.


Medicinal Purposes was Big Finish audio Doctor Who number 60 and it was recorded at Moat Studios on March 18th and 19th 2004. This is a 6th Doctor story and was split into 2 CD's and released in August 31, 2004 with a combined runtime of 2:18:38.

The story was written by Robert Ross and directed by Gary Russell. The producers were Jason Haigh-Ellery and Gary Russell. Busy bee Gary also directs David in Exile and Sympathy for the Devil and even has a role in Sympathy too!

The front cover was designed by Lee Binding and the music and sound design were by David Darlington

unknown, Glenna Morrison, David Tennant, Leslie Philips, Maggie Stables, Tom Farrelly, Colin Baker, Robert Ross

Synopsis: (from

Edinburgh, 1827. The infamous body snatchers William Burke and William Hare are at large. 

When accidental tourists the Doctor and Evelyn Smythe stumble upon one of Britain's most lurid, illuminating chapters in history, a simple case of interest in the work of dedicated man of science Doctor Robert Knox, quickly turns sour.



The Doctor


Old Woman

Billy Hare

Mary Patterson

William Burke

Doctor Robert Knox

Daft Jamie 

*appears in the film Being There and he is the voice of Swabb in the Doctor Who animated story The Infinite Quest. He is also the voice of Balthasar in the Arkangel Shakespeare audio Comedy of Errors.
**appears in episode one of David's Casanova mini-series

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