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Acting on the radio is challenging, inspiring, delicate and always a privilege.


Love Virtually, by Austrian novelist Daniel Glattauer, is a story of online adultery, originally written in German.

The story was adapted for radio by Eileen Horne.

The 45 minute story (actual runtime 44:05), starring David Tennant as Leo and Emilia Fox as Emmi aired at 2:15 pm on March 8, 2012 as part of the BBC Radio 4 Afternoon Play series.

Synopsis (taken from The Guardian): "In Love Virtually, Leo Leike and Emmi Rothner start corresponding by accident; one slight slip in an email address, and suddenly they're away. 

It's the beginning of a modern romance. They start off teasing – And then things start to develop. They tempt one another to guess what they look like.  The mildly flirtatious becomes the less-than-mildly flirtatious – Disaster looms.

They start behaving like teenagers (they're not teenagers). They become each other's world, where they say things like "you are my other world". The end is as unexpected as it is inevitable."

Emilia has worked on several other audio projects with David:

The 2003 audiobook The Merlin Conspiracy, the animated feature Free Jimmy  and the BBC Radio productions of Much Ado About Nothing and Every Seventh Wave, the sequel to Love Virtually. They also appeared in the 'Randall and Hopkirk (Deceased)' episode Drop Dead together.
The play, produced by Clive Brill is a Pacificus Production. Clive spent seven years producing drama for BBC radio and in 1990 he became head of Development for BBC TV Series.

He formed Pacificus Productions and took on the "Shakespearean" task in 1996 of directing the entire Arkangel Shakespeare Series, in which David appears in nine plays.

He directed David in several radio dramas including The IslandMurder in Samarkand, the two part Afternoon Play series Stevenson in Love, Every Seventh Wave, of which he was also the producer, and in the staged reading of Edward III at The Globe.

The Book of the Week readings of Robert Louis Stevenson's biography, the 2010 and 2011 Book at Bedtime series Night of the Vampire and Night of the Vampire 2, and the plays A Quick Change and The Purple Land, which all feature David, were all Pacific

Radio Times - March 9, 2012 - Stuart Manning

"David Tennant's Scottish vowels give spiky academic Leo an appropriately laconic air, matched by Emilia  Fox’s jaded dreamer Emmi, a character who is, in turn, both breathlessly enthusiastic and painfully brittle. 

As their relationship unfolds, a deep connection develops between them, fueled by the tantalising possibilities presented in the gulf between correspondence and face-to- face communication. A real-life meeting seems inevitable, but can either surrender the mystery conjured up by a few well-chosen words?

It’s a familiar story, and the intriguing contradictions of its characters and a surprising gear change in the final act keep the listener guessing to the end."

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