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Acting on the radio is challenging, inspiring, delicate and always a privilege.


The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde was transmitted as part of BBC Radio 4's The Monday Play series on December 27, 1993 at 7:45 pm.  The play is 60 minutes long and was dramatised by Robert Forrest, from the original story by Robert Louis Stevenson.

The production was directed in the BBC Edinburgh studios by Patrick Rayner who also directed The Fifty Friends of Simon Goberschmitt and Paint Her WellThe play also featured music composed and performed by David Dorward.

This unique production was set in Edinburgh and featured an all Scottish cast.. At the beginning of the broadcast there was an introduction explaining the creative changes that the director had made to the story,

The production was released on cassette by the BBC through Mr. Punch Audio Books on May 1, 1997.

To say this is an excerpt is a slight exaggeration since David only has one line - my theory is that Patrick used him as he was in the studio recording one of the other plays he directed that featured David.



Henry Jeykll/Edward Hyde  Legion

Dr. Hastie Lanyon
Gabriel Utterson
Richard Enfield

*Played The Host in the Doctor Who episode Tooth and Claw and appeared in the 'Duck Turpin' episode of David's series Duck Patrol.

He also went to the RSAMD with him.

The Independent - December 28, 1993 - Robert Hanks 

"In Stevenson's original, Jekyll created Hyde as a vessel for his more degraded inclinations; Robert Forrest's adaptation clung tightly to this point, giving us several scenes in which Jekyll is consorting with prostitutes (to the sound of an out-of-key pianola); this seemed the knowing, liberated 20th century sneering at Victorian hypocrisy.

More satisfyingly, Patrick Rayner's production took the story out of London and rooted it in Stevenson's native Scotland, giving Alexander Morton an opportunity for a virtuoso double-act as genteel scientist and Gorbals roughneck - Hyde rasping out 'Ma name's Heed. Pleased tae meet ya,' before strangling somebody."

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