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Acting on the radio is challenging, inspiring, delicate and always a privilege.


Joanna Wright, Director of Fundraising at Headway Essex, said:

David spent a considerable time at our day centre and took part in group sessions with our attenders which looked at interpersonal skills and communication issues.

These also explored the changes that the survivors of brain injury had experienced in their lives, including the huge impact the injury had on their relationships.

I think that David was very touched by the honesty of our clients and he developed a great understanding of the change in dynamics which occur with individuals and their families after brain injury, along with an empathy for the challenges they face.”

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In 2006 David Tennant was cast in the TV movie Recovery with Sarah Parish

He plays Alan Hamilton, a builder, who suffers from a severe brain injury after being hit by a car.

David visited the day care centre of Headway Essex in order to research his character and became the Patron of the charity.


On December 23, 2007 David read the BBC Radio 4 Charity Appeal for Headway.  The four minute appeal, heard from 9:26 - 9:30 pm raised £7,798.

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David also designed these t-shirts for the charity that you can also purchase.

Excerpt from David's Patron message 2007-2008

"My visit to Headway was a truly humbling and powerful experience, enabling me to see firsthand the effects brain injury can have on individuals and families, and why the work of Headway is so important to everyone affected by a head injury.

I was more than happy to sign 1,000 cards with my face on when the fundraising director asked me, and no one is more surprised than I to learn that those cards have raised over £21,000 for Headway Essex. (The original 1000 cards sold out.)


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