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Acting on the radio is challenging, inspiring, delicate and always a privilege.


The Golden Triangle trilogy was transmitted as part of BBC Radio 4's The Afternoon Play at 2:15 pm, and was about the lives of two Pre-Raphaelite artists.

The first episode in the trilogy, The Awakening Conscience, was broadcast on November 25, 1998, the second part, called The Order of Release, was transmitted on December 2, 1998 and the final part, Love Among the Ruins, went out on December 9, 1998. 

All three plays were written by Robin Brooks. He also wrote A Quick Change and adapted Love and Friendship, Fire in the Heart, and the Book at Bedtime series Night with a Vampire and Night with a Vampire 2, all productions featuring David Tennant.

The Golden Triangle series was a Watchmaker Production.

David Tennant was only in The Order of Release, which was directed by Clive Brill, who spent seven years producing drama for BBC radio and in 1990 he became head of Development for BBC TV Series. He formed Pacificus Productions and took on the "Shakespearean" task in 1996 of directing the entire Arkangel Shakespeare Series, in which David appears in nine plays.

In addition Clive has directed David in four other radio dramas The Island, Murder in Samarkand, The Purple Land, the two part Afternoon Play series Stevenson in Love and in the staged reading of Edward III at The Globe.

Other Pacificus Productions David has appeared in include the Book of th eek readings of Robert Louis Stevenson's biography, the 2010 and 2011 Book at Bedtime series Night with a Vampire and Night of the Vampire 2, the radio plays A Quick Change, Love Virtually, Every Seventh Wave, which was also directed by Clive, and the Richard Wilson Radio 4 series Believe It!.

Synopsis: John Ruskin is insistent that Millais should paint his portrait while he is on holiday in Scotland with his wife, Effie. The beauty and innocence of Ruskin's wife make it an almost impossible task.

Based on a real life scandal, Ruskin and Millias were friends and during the course of painting Effie, Millias fell in love with her. Effie had actually remained a virgin during her marriage and then had it annulled. 

She and Millias had eight children. You can see the actual painting mentioned in the play below.


Bob Peck - John Ruskin
David Tennant
- John Everett Millais
Sharon Small
* - Effie Ruskin
Andrew Halston - William Millais
Kate Hall - Elizabeth Eastlake/Jeanie's Mother
Helen Adie
- Jeanie

*appeared with David Tennant in the short film Bite.

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