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Acting on the radio is challenging, inspiring, delicate and always a privilege.


Absolute Radio morning show host Christian O'Connell has been famously interviewing David Tennant for many years, in fact David has served as his morning show co-host several times.

On Monday August 13, 2012 Christian held a Spandathon and played the song Gold by Spandau Ballet over twenty times in a row, once for each gold medal won by the Great Britain Olympic teams.

"I emailed the boss and said that if Team GB did well, we'd play Gold by Spandau Ballet over and over, each time for every gold medal we got. And he was like, 'no! It would annoy listeners and it's bad for ratings'. But I kept on at him and in the end he just gave in. He said 'OK, if we get one more gold than we did in Beijing - 20 - you can do it'." (29 times as it turns out!)

"It's just what the country needed and there needs to be some big, silly gesture to show just how amazing it's been."

Not only is he going to play the same song over and over (and over and over... etc), but Spandau Ballet frontman Tony Hadley is even getting involved in the stunt. He was also joined by fellow band mate and Gold songwriter Gary Kemp.

Christian said: "Even Tony Hadley, who's coming in will be playing live for us, even he was like 'do you mean in FULL?'.  And I was like, 'yes, all 4 minutes 38 seconds of it'.

It was actually better than it sounds there were some unusual versions such as an operatic one by Joanne McGahon, a spoken reading by actor David Tennant in tribute to Andy Murray’s Olympic triumph, a karaoke version by athlete Kriss Akabusi and another version that was whistled. Medallists were interviewed live between each play.

This is the audio of David's reading which he dedicated to fellow Scot Andy Murray and his "legendary" win of the men's single's tennis gold medal.

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