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Acting on the radio is challenging, inspiring, delicate and always a privilege.


Dreamland was broadcast in six parts, the first one lasted 12 minutes and the other five lasted six minutes each, on BBC Red Button Service and on the BBC Official Doctor Who website.

The first installment was available on November 21st and the series ended on November 27, 2009.

The full 45 minute show was then broadcast on BBC 2 on December 5, 2009.  It was also shown on BBC HD and CBBC several times.

The DVD was released in the UK on February 2, 2010 and in the US on October 5, 2010.

Russell T. Davis was quoted in The Daily Mail, August 24, 2009, as saying:

"Dreamland is a remarkable project and I'm thrilled with it.

Phil Ford is a wonderful writer and promises to send the Doctor into a whole new visual dimension."

Phil wrote the Doctor Who episode Waters of Mars and was the co-producer of the Sarah Jane Adventures episode The Wedding of Sarah Jane Smith, in which David guest starred as The Doctor.



David Tennant - The Doctor 
Georgia Moffett* - Cassie Rice 
Tim Howar - Jimmy Stalkingwolf 
Stuart Milligan - Colonel Stark 
David Warner** - Lord Azlok 
Ryan McCluskey - Sergeant
Peter Guinness - Mister Dread
Nicholas Rowe - Rivesh Mantilax
Clarke Peters - Night Eagle
Lisa Bowerman - Saruba Velak

*appeared as Jenny in the Doctor Who episode The Doctor's Daughter.

**appears on the Big Finish Audio Sympathy for the Devil with David.

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