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Acting on the radio is challenging, inspiring, delicate and always a privilege.


During his time as the Tenth Doctor the BBC released a series of Doctor Who novels with an accompanying audio story. 

David Tennant read the first three in the series, The Stone Rose The Feast of the Drowned and The Ressurection Casket.

The other stories were read by various Doctor Who regular cast members and guests such as Freema Agyeman, Nicholas Briggs, Bernard Cribbens, Russell Trouvey, David Troughton and many more.

In 2008/2009 there were seven exclusive audio only stories released, of which David read four (Pest Control, The Day of the Troll, The Last Voyage) and Catherine Tate read two and Michelle Ryan read the remaining one.

Click on the Audio CD cover of each story to find out more about it and to hear an excerpt.

BBC Audiobooks issued a full press release for the three audio CD's of the Doctor Who novels The Feast of the Drowned, The Resurrection Casket and The Stone Rose due on July 3, 2006.
(Lucy Groom/BBC Audiobooks)

Time Lord David Tennant brings these three new Doctor Who novels to life with his peerless narration, due to be published exclusively by BBC Audiobooks on 3rd July.

Taken from the BBC Books of the same names, each individual release also includes an interview with the author, conducted by David Darlington of Doctor Who Magazine.

This is the first time David has appeared as the Doctor outside of the television series and brilliantly brings the novels to life, providing the voices of all the characters including the Doctor's companion Rose as well as his deadly enemies.

Justin Richards, author of The Resurrection Casket said: "It's doubly rewarding as an author, not just to write for such an exciting and imaginative series as Doctor Who, but to hear your words read by none other than the Doctor himself.

It's a privilege and a pleasure to hear David Tennant as the Doctor on audio, and of course he brings the same enthusiasm and style to the role as he does for the television series."

In October of 2007 the BBC released a collection of 6 audio stories, The Resurrection Casket, The Stone Rose, The Feast of the Drowned were read by David.

The other stories in the collection are The Nightmare of Black Island, read by Anthony Head, The Art of Destruction, read by Don Warrington and The Price of Paradise. read by Shaun Dingwall.

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