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Acting on the radio is challenging, inspiring, delicate and always a privilege.


Double Income, No Kids Yet - DINKY, for short, ran for three years on BBC Radio 4 from 2001-2003.

The series was written by David Spicer and produced by Liz Anstee and starred David Tennant (Daniel) and Elizabeth Carling (Lucy).

Each series had six episodes each and was broadcast at 11:30 am in 2001 and 2002 and 6:30 pm in 2003, each episode lasted 30 minutes.

The show was recorded at The Soundhouse located in West London at the time, they are currently located in Acton.  According to the writer David Spicer "Each episode took one day. It would start at about 10am with a read-through of the entire script and then it was recorded pretty much in order.

Occasionally, if someone was only in the first and last scene and had a voice over to go to, then the order would be shifted to suit them, but that didn't happen too much, as I recall. And generally we were all in the pub by 5."

The series follows Lucy and Daniel, who are DINKY's at the start of the series but end up, happily, as parents by the end of series three. 

DINKY was a term coined in the 1980's when Yuppies were everywhere. It as used to describe couples of high income who were childless and therefore could afford a better lifestyle than their friends with children.

The series has been repeated on BBC 7 and BC Radio 4 Extra.

For a complete episode synopsis', cast lists and excerpts click here.

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