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Colditz is Big Finish audio Doctor Who number 25 and it was recorded at Moat Studios on May 26th and 27th 2001. 

This is a 7th Doctor story and was split into 4 parts on 2 CD's, issued in October 22, 2001 with a combined runtime of 1:47:11.

Colditz marked David Tennant's first appearance for Big Finish.

The story was written by Steve Lyons and directed by Gary Russell. The producers were Jason Haigh-Ellery and Gary Russell. Busy bee Gary also directs David in Medicinal Purposes and Sympathy for the Devil and even has a role in Sympathy too!

The front cover of Colditz was designed by Clayton Hickman who also did the front covers for Exile, Sympathy for the Devil and all of the Dalek Empire III series.

The music and sound design were by Toby Richards and Emily Baker at Cressidia.

Synopsis: (from

"October 1944: As World War II draws towards its conclusion, a Nazi defeat begins to seem almost inevitable. But that might be about to change...

Two intruders are captured in the grounds of Colditz Castle, the most secure POW camp in Germany. At first, the guards think they're dealing with British spies. But the strangers arrived in an advanced travelling machine, the like of which they've never seen before. With this TARDIS in their hands, the Third Reich might triumph after all."


Peter Rae, Sylvester Mcoy, Gary Russell, David Tennant


The Doctor



Feldwebel Kuurtz

HauptmannJulius Schafer

Flying Officer Bill Gower

Timothy Wilkins


*appeared in the 'Fires of Pompeii' episode of Doctor Who

**appears in the Big Finish audio Exile.

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