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Acting on the radio is challenging, inspiring, delicate and always a privilege.


Newsround is a show produced by the children's arm of the BBC, CBBC. 

In February 2010 they made a combination live action and animated special all about children's safety in cyberspace called Caught in the Web

David Tennant was chosen as narrator of the special and there was even a small nod to his status as The Doctor in the show as you can see on the wall in the girl's bedroom.

The program was written by Dawn Harrison, the director was Richard Turley who received a BAFTA nomination for this programme and the producer, Audrey Neil.  

The program aired in two different versions, the original on February 9, 2010 was shown on BBC One at 4:55 pm and on CBBC at 6:30 pm. 

The longer 20 minute version was shown on February 11, 2010 on BBC Two at 11:00 am.



Bafta Win

The show's production team won a children's award BAFTA for best Factual Film in 2010, beating out Karate Kids, another documentary narrated by David.

The show follows two kids, a girl who gets into trouble after her virtual life in a chat room spills into the real world and a boy addicted to gaming. There are also real-life case studies with kids who've had bad experiences online.

Lost Princess - Daisy Doidge Hill
White Knight - Rhys Matthews
Jessica - Olivia Reynolds
Nicole - Ellie Clarke
Charlotte - Emily Wheeldon
Lucy - Shyanne Sanders
Kieran - Simon Price
Kieran - Jordan Southwell
Kieran - Jack Morlen
Sophie - Gemma O'Niel
Becca - Eleanor Tack
Janie -Jamie Chrystal


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