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Acting on the radio is challenging, inspiring, delicate and always a privilege.


Caesar! was a three part series which was transmitted as part of BBC Radio 4's The Classic Serial series at 3:00 pm. Each is 60 minutes long and was adapted for the radio by Mike Walker, from Suetonius' The Lives of the Caesars.

The production was directed by Jeremy Mortimer and the historical advisor was Tony O'Connor.

David Tennant appeared in part three as the Emperor Caligula.

1. Meeting At Formiae - June 20, 2003

2. The Arena - June 27, 2003

3. Peeling Figs for Julius - August 3, 2003 - actual runtime 56:29

"What would you do if you were king of the world and could have everything and anything you wanted? Gaius Caligula was - and he did. This is the story of Caligula's four year rule from his point of view - seeing things the way he saw them, trying to walk a path between paranoia and the flattery of those who intended to use his madness to further their own ends; trying to live up to the myth of his dead father Germanicus; trying to resist the absolute power that threatened to let loose absolute madness. Suetonius tells the story from the inside - Caligula not as monster but as victim and, in the end, claiming our sympathy as well as our horror." -



Gaius Caligula


Cassius Ciara





Caligula as a boy



Other Parts

Other Parts

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