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Acting on the radio is challenging, inspiring, delicate and always a privilege.


American Express - The Blue Dot ad, which premiered on October 5, 2010 was created by Ogilvy & Mather London and David voiced the opening and the tag line.  The advert had great animated graphics and cool music.

Argos - In 2009 Argos launched an animated advert for their new catalogue featuring little blue aliens.

BBC One Intro for Final Doctor Who episode End of Time

It is common practice for the BBC to do a voiced introduction to the next upcoming programme,.  On January 1, 2010, right before the airing of his final Doctor Who episode, David provided the intro in the Doctor's voice.  

It could be heard at the end of the special Christmas idents David appeared in as the Doctor for the BBC.  The background music for the ident changed, at the end, a more somber version was used instead of the happy jingle bell music normally heard.  

Cuisinart Soup Maker  - This innovative product received a great deal of press when it first appeared and having David Tennant as the voice over artist guaranteed an increased buzz.
Learn Direct - There were three different adverts that David voiced for Learn Direct in 2008 featuring animated characters Des, Jane and Paul. The technique used was stop frame animation and the three ads were shot with a multi-plane camera.  The director was Dave Daniels from Tandem Films.

He also provided the tag line for the Learn Direct sponsored series clips 60 Minute Makeover in 2010

Nintendo Wii - In 2010 David was the voice of the ad campaign for the new Black Nintendo Wii. 

Tesco Mobile - David was the voice of the Tesco 'Triple Your Credit' 2009 promotion.  He voiced two different animated ads and he was also the voice heard at the end of the live action adverts from the 'No Nonsense' campaign.

The No Nonsense/Unlimited Calls and text for £30 a month aired in September 2009.

The No Nonsense/Triple Your Credit ad started to air in February 2010. The No Nonsense/12 Month Contract ad started airing in June 2010.

U Direct TV Movie Guide - This was a promo for a pay per view movie channel in the UK called U Direct, produced in 2010.

Wales Tourism - The videos have been include as David appears at the end of the adverts as The Doctor.  They were made for the Wales "There's A Lot Going On" campaign.

War Child/Heroes- War Child is a charity in the UK, founded in 1993, that supports and rehabilitates the child victims of war, click here for more information.

"War Child: Heroes, released early 2009, was an unprecedented collaboration between music’s most heralded legends and the finest artists of the day.

We asked 15 ultimate icons to select a favourite song from their classic back catalogue and to nominate the new act they most trust to create a unique interpretation of that hand-picked track." - excerpt from the charity website

In June 2009 David provided the voice over for an advert for The Proclaimers Notes & Rhymes album. The advert was on the TV in June, just in time for Father's Day as the ad states!

Here is the audio courtesy of Kenny from Braw Music Management!
notes and rhymes

BBC Digital - The BBC started their information campaign about the switchover to digital broadcast many years before the 2012 deadline.  During that time they used many different metods to help convey the message, one was a short animation about why they were going digital and what the improvements to service would be. David Tennant provided the voice over for the short film from September 2007 to October 2008 when Fiona Bruce took over.

Heinz Soup - The Heinz company spent £4m on it's new TV and radio campaign showcasing Heinz Classic Soup.  There was a 30 second and a 60 second version of the TV and radio ads featuring celebrity voiceovers.

The adverts will run throughout autumn and winter featuring familiar personalities such as Tom Baker, Caroline Quentin and David Tennant.

The radio adverts will be tuned to the weather conditions, and up weighted when the temperatures drop.

The campaign started on October 1, 2012, on his blog Tom Baker stated he recorded his voice over on October 1, 2012.  Both Tom and David's ads started to be broadcast in November, David's on November 9, 2012.

Yours Truly, Angry Mob was the second album by English rock band Kaiser Chiefs. It was released February 26, 2007 on Polydor Records.

David Tennant supplied the voiceover for the advert for the album in the UK.

The lead single off this album was Ruby, which reached number one in the UK and on Eurochart.

It was one of the songs that David choose when he appeared on BBC Radio Four's Desert Island Discs on December 27, 2009.

Below is a clip with David talking about what makes the song special to him:

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